→ Detailed Program

Day 1: Introduction and 3D printing

  • Introduction to the course, presentation of the program and of the students who will illustrate their projects, the pros and cons related to the field of bioprinting
  • General overview on 3D bioprinting
  • Fundamentals of 3D printing starting from the CAD model to the G-code (theoretical and practical session)

Day 2: Bio-ink & biomaterial

  • Development phases of bio-ink to be used in the bioprinting field starting from the availability of materials, up to the choice of materials based on the application
  • Material characterization and evaluation of the possibility of being processed by 3D bio-plotter

Day 3: Biological modeling

  • Design and development of a cellular disease model in vitro using mainly bioprinting techniques, starting from the generation of a cellular environment as close as possible to the physiological one (printing different types of cells) to laboratory measurements during cell cultures
  • Imaging techniques of biological structures within the bio-ink

Day 4: hands-on

Practical section in laboratory on the use of bio-plotter and biological analysis tools